How A CRM Expert Will Remove The Hassle Of Learning New Tech
Carrie, a Certified Virtual Expert®, first came to me needing help with setting up her CRM. While she had the content, she didn’t have the time or technical skills to make the processes work. As her business grew, she also needed an education/membership platform built and managed, including the integrations and, as Carrie puts it, the “techy stuff”. 
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What others are saying:
LeeAnn Marie Webster
Motivational Speaker & Transformational Coach
While I am quite tech savvy and love to play around with platforms such as Canva, I found myself spending entirely too much time working IN my business rather than ON my business. Things came to a head as I was launching a new program and needed someone to take over some of the virtual marketing tasks, such as posting to social media, creating one-pagers and images, and doing some reconnaissance on places to focus my energy. Hiring Julie has been life-changing! Releasing these tasks has opened up space and time in my business to focus on direct outreach and networking as well as program delivery—the tasks that are truly the most important use of my time. The best part of working with Julie? She is "Me 2.0!" She dove in, learned my brand messaging and my voice, and now handles the tasks I delegate to her efficiently and with as much attention to detail as I would. As someone with control issues, I'm finally learning that there are things others can do as well (better!) than I, and that when I delegate something to Julie, it will be done on time and to the highest professional standard. It's such a relief to assign it and forget it! Another major strength is Julie's initiative: she doesn't just do as she's asked —she suggests form and content and process tweaks that lead to greater efficiency and better results. She has taken ownership of my business and is a true partner in the work. I recommend her without reservations!
Liza Baker
Simply: Health Coaching
Julie has been a LIFESAVER for me! Everything I've asked her to do she has done quickly and efficiently. Her turn-around time astounds me every time. She anticipates problems before I see them and solves them with ease. I can't recommend her more highly!
Lia Pinelli
Lia Pinelli Coaching
Julie is truly a dedicated professional with keen insight and wisdom to guide your goal attainment to a very smooth, achievable pathway.

She is truly dedicated with the sole goal to minimize cost while yielding high quality results.
Ms. Claudette R. Bond
Lighthouse Yoga