CRM and LMS Implementation Assistance
As the owner of Wulfden Virtual Assistants, Carrie Wulf works with business coaches, trainers, and business professionals by designing an organized email system to achieve Inbox Zero and maintain an efficient calendar. While offering these services to her clients, Carrie realized there was an opportunity to teach other VAs how to do this for their clients as well.

Initially, we worked on building out her CRM (Client Relationship Management) system by creating branded landing pages and email campaigns for various products she was offering, including upselling digital products. We also designed a monthly newsletter template, Working in the Wulfden, where she shares a topic of the month, a wellness section, and a video tip. Her emails average a 54% open rate and 12% click-through rate.

As more and more VAs were curious as to how to provide email and calendar management to their clients, Carrie designed a training program to take VAs, step-by-step, through each of the processes; providing video tutorials, PDFS, and templates to help them along the way. We used the LMS (Learning Management System) to build out a sales page (allowing for full payment or monthly payments), which integrated purchase information back to her CRM, and set up the modules to drip at a specific date/time, with email messages scheduled to notify students when new modules drop. 

We also created a “bonus” content course that was only available to those who paid in full. Giving Carrie another revenue stream should she decide to sell the content separately in the future.

A few words from Carrie about her experience
 “Julie is a techy voodoo master! I would be lost without her amazing skills and ability to learn a program and make it run. She has learned two completely “new to her” programs that I needed help with because I didn't have the skill set to understand how they worked. I also needed some specific integrations set up and I had no clue how to go about them. Julie took over and made it happen for me. I never worry when I ask if she can do something in a program, her answer is always “of course I can!”

Julie is freakin' brilliant at what she does! She has skills that you won't even realize until she pulls them out of her bag. She will make herself invaluable to you and you will never want to be without her expertise and techy voodoo skills!”

Carrie Wulf, Wulfden Virtual Assistants